To interact with ScrapeSuite’s API, you need to obtain an authentication token. Follow these steps to acquire and update your token:

  1. Token Retrieval:
  •         After logging in to your ScrapeSuite account, go to the “Profile” section.
  •         Your authentication token is available in the “Public API” tab under “Access token.”
  •         Copy the token for use in authorizing your requests to the ScrapeSuite API.
  1. Token Update:
  •         If needed, you can update your token by clicking on the “Update Token” button.
  •         It’s important to note that the token won’t update automatically; you need to trigger the update manually.
  1. Token Usage:
  •         Insert the obtained or updated token into the relevant fields when making API requests.
  •         The token authenticates your requests and ensures secure interaction with the ScrapeSuite API.

IMPORTANT: Remember that your token is a sensitive piece of information. Keep it confidential and avoid sharing it publicly. Regularly update your token to enhance the security of your API interactions.