In ScrapeSuite, you can export data at any level. After navigating to Storage on the first page, you will encounter two folders: ‘jobs’ and ‘controllers,’ where the results of job executions and controllers are stored. 

Here you can view the results of all jobs and controllers, download the results by checking the items you need, and click Download.

If you need to obtain the results of a specific project, you can go to any section, for example, Jobs, and select all the results of your jobs. This may be necessary if you want to retrieve all the data at once.

IMPORTANT. In the Controllers tab, there will be data if you used the Processing API. You can find instructions on how to work with the Processing API in the API -> Processing API section.

Next, you can go to a specific Job (in our case, we chose Demo) and download the results of the run for that specific Job. You can select one or more results for downloading.

Next, you can go to a specific Job result and view the list of processed pages by URL.

To view the result, you can select a specific URL, and you will get detailed information about that particular URL. Additionally, the following functions are available:

– View the result in JSON format(JSON)

– Copy JSON result

– View the page in HTML format(HTML)

– Add HTML to the project (+ Add HTML to the project)

These options provide a convenient way to interact with the data and manage the project.