Credit system

Using the Credit System

The credit system in ScrapeSuite is used to pay for the use of the service when making requests to collect data from web resources. Each data collection (scraping) request requires a certain number of credits, 1 credit for one non-rendering page task and 10 credits for a page that needs to be rendered to obtain the necessary information.

  • Data collection (scraping): Each request to collect data from a web resource requires a certain number of credits. This includes requests to extract information from HTML pages, and perform additional actions such as using proxy servers or data processing.
  • Advanced scraping features: Some advanced scraping features may require additional credits. For example, using advanced selectors, setting filters, or adding custom checks may require additional credits.
  • Purchasing additional credits: Users can purchase additional credits to expand their capabilities in the system if the basic credit limit provided under the subscription plan is insufficient.