What is the Controller for?

The controller in the ScrapeSuite project plays a crucial role in defining and managing the data parsing process.

In the Controller tab, you have the ability to:
  • Create a new controller with your settings.
  • Reconfigure the created controller or base_controller.
  • Delete a created controller from the list of all controllers.

IMPORTANT: The base_controller cannot be deleted; it is the default controller created when the project is initiated.

Creating / Setting up Controllers

By default, in the Controllers section, a base controller is created that mirrors the project settings, specifically Proxy country and Default localization. If needed, you can create a new controller with the desired settings or modify the settings of the base controller.
To create, click
and fill out the following form.
To configure, click
and fill out the following form.
Retry count – maximum of 3, this setting indicates how many attempts the controller makes to achieve a positive result.

The other settings include:
  • Controller name, which must be filled in as a required field.
  • Localization – this field will be used as certain data, such as numbers, time, and prices, depending on localization. This setting will be used by default when loading new pages using this controller.
  • Proxy country – the country from which requests will be made.
Also, enable or disable page rendering, if necessary, for data retrieval.

You can use the controller to retrieve parsed data from a single page if you have already configured the parser and need to quickly obtain the data. For this, you will need the controller token. Simply copy the controller’s URL, use the relevant URL, and get real-time results from your parsing.
You need to add the URL of the page from which you want to receive a response here.
The result:

HTML visual code representation