Processing API

The Processing API empowers you to effortlessly integrate ScrapeSuite functionality directly into your application. This API enables using created Parser within ScrapeSuite, offering real-time data collection capabilities. Parser configuration is exclusive to the ScrapeSuite application.


Description of the fields for sending a request:

Field Type Description
url string URL of the page to parse

required parameter

localization string page localization

optional parameter; default value set in the controller

token string authorization token

required parameter

Description of the fields in the results array:

Field Type Description
result object object with the result
task_id string task identifier unique task identifier in our system in the UUID format
project_name string name of the project
controller_name string name of the controller used for parsing
datetime datetime timestamp of the task execution
url string the original URL provided for parsing
response_url string the URL used for the API request
status_code integer response HTML status code
result_status enum internal server status code
error_message string general informational message
processing_time float time taken to complete the task
cost float cost of the task in credits
result object object containing results
status enum server response code
elapsed time time of request execution

Response example:

      "Main":"Welcome to ScrapeSuite – \nYour Ultimate Website Parsing Solution",