Profile is the personal information that you provided during registration or updated yourself. To find your profile, after logging in or registering in the application, look in the top left corner where your name is indicated. After clicking, you will see a list of pages you can visit. Here, you can also find information about your credit balance, and an i icon that allows you to re-run the training for the service if needed.

Your Profile

Going to the Profile section, you will see several blocks of data where you can make changes.

Personal Data
Here, you can modify your name, phone/Skype, default localization, and timezone.

Public API
Your token is what will enable you to connect to the API.

General notifications settings
Enabling this setting allows you to receive email notifications about the start/finish of parser work or scheduling. Please be attentive, as this setting takes precedence over similar settings in individual Jobs. Therefore, if the Send reports setting is inactive in your profile settings, even if it is activated in Jobs, you will not receive reports.

Change password
This allows you to change your password to a new one. Additionally, you have the option to delete your account from the application using the DELETE ACCOUNT button at the bottom.


This tab allows you to find traffic and credit statistics, helping you understand whether you are using your project credits efficiently. Here, you can select a date range to view the dynamics of the metrics using the Select date range option. The Refresh button will help you update the dynamics chart.

Plans & Subscriptions

In this tab, on the left side, you can see:

  • Your current pricing plan.
  • The expiration date of this plan.
  • Whether it is currently active or not.
In the top right corner, you can see the Buy credits button. This feature allows you to purchase additional credits if you run out of your pricing plan. In the Credits tab, you can enter the desired amount of credits and instantly see the associated cost. In the Money tab, you can input the amount you are willing to deposit, and also see the corresponding quantity of credits you will receive. Additionally, for your convenience, we have added a toggle switch to understand how many credits you would get if page rendering is required.
Below, you can see your tariff and the features we offer in our project. This allows you to conveniently compare our offerings and choose the best option for you. You can also opt for a monthly or annual subscription. The annual subscription offers a 10% discount, making it a more cost-effective choice.
Below, you can find answers to questions that may arise regarding subscriptions.


The Payments tab displays all purchases made with your account in our application. It includes the purchase date, the email of the purchaser, the purchase amount, and the option to download an invoice.


You can log out of your account using the Logout button, which you can find in the dropdown menu under Your Profile.

Alternatively, you can log out through any option in the dropdown menu. For example, you can log out by selecting Profile from the dropdown menu.