How to Use ScrapeSuite Store

1. Accessing the Store

  • Navigate to the ScrapeSuite Store from the main dashboard.
  • Browse through the available parsers or use the search bar to find a specific parser suited to your needs.

2. Filtering and Searching Parsers

  • Utilize category filters to narrow down the list of parsers to those relevant to your use case. Or enter keywords in the search bar to quickly find parsers that match your specific requirements.

3. Viewing Parser Details

  • Click on a parser to view its detailed description. This will provide you with information about what the parser does, the data it extracts, and a sample output.
  • The detailed view helps you assess whether the parser meets your needs before importing it into your account.

4. Importing a Parser

  • On the main store page, click the “Use it” button next to the parser you wish to import.
  • Alternatively, click “Preview” on the parser’s detail page to see a preview of the parser within the ScrapeSuite web interface.
  • Log in if prompted to access the preview.

5. Previewing a Parser

  • In preview mode, you can inspect the structure and configuration of the parser without making any changes.
  • If the parser meets your requirements, click the “Use it” button to proceed with the import.

6. Finalizing the Import

  • Choose a name for the project to which the parser will be imported.
  • Select the import format:
    • Read-only: The parser will be imported in a non-editable format, allowing you to only input the necessary URLs and run jobs.
    • Editable: The parser will be imported in an editable format, allowing you to make modifications as needed.
  • Click the “Use” button to import the parser into your account.

7. Configuring and Running the Parser

  • Navigate to the newly created project within your ScrapeSuite account.
  • Configure the Job by setting the necessary parameters, such as the URLs from which data needs to be extracted.
  • Start the Job to begin the data extraction process.

How to work with Jobs section you can read here.