New Project

After registering or signing in, you will be automatically redirected to the Projects tab. To create a new project, use the Create project button.
Created projects will appear in the project list, indicating their name, date, and time of creation, as well as basic settings. The fields for configuring a new project and changing the settings of an existing project are identical.

Project Name (required field)
Enter a unique name for your project in the Project Name field.

Default localization (required field)
Activate and select the appropriate cultural setting for your project. This is important because different countries may have different requirements for some data, such as numbers, time, and prices. This setting will be used by default when loading new pages and creating controllers and tasks. For example, “en-US” for American English.

Load Settings:
Proxy country (default Worldwide)
Specify the country from which the requests will be made.

Web Browser Rendering
Enable this setting if the site contains content or blocks that require JavaScript execution. This is especially useful if certain elements do not render correctly without JavaScript execution.

Project creation form

Created project

In the list of projects on the page, you can see the project name, the project creation date/time, and the settings. You can also reset the project by clicking

and delete the project using